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  1. Brian Klein

    Found a HUGE error!

    RED ALERT! ----------------- Take note of the "G", is it clear enough!
  2. Brian Klein

    Found a HUGE error!

    I was afraid my message wasn't clear enough lol.
  3. Brian Klein

    Found a HUGE error!

    would have driven me mad as I notice these small details.
  4. Brian Klein

    The Hype Around Coffee ...

    Ah hell, there is NO hype, being amped up on COFFEE and trying to type (heck, trying to sit still) has got to be the hardest thing to do! I must admit, I did it to myself though … This will be my downfall. It could be worse; I could have Parkinson's Disease, trying to drink this stuff. --- I must admit though, it has got to be the best stuff ever. I tried tea, but it is to British (yeah @Maddox, that was a JAB) ok, I must be honest you still got me on the whole America was getting ready to brawl with Britain, just before WWII.
  5. Brian Klein

    The Hype Around Coffee ...

    Please, all you brits drink tea! lol
  6. Brian Klein

    Remember Your Roots!

    But no matter what you sing, Symphony will ALWAYS raise it a level unseen! Remember your roots; all music comes from orchestrated music in some form.
  7. Brian Klein

    Fancy New Icon

    I must say, this is some amazing stuff; the new 'Title Logo' is just amazing.
  8. Brian Klein

    Radio Controlled Cars

    I had an RC Car (Radio Controlled Car) when I was a young boy, almost every day lately I have been thinking about that little car. What do you guys think on RC Cars, did you have one?
  9. Brian Klein

    The Saloon (Crosstime)

    Fun fact about this book; When it first was published it got so popular, people would search the state the saloon was supposed to be in for the actual saloon and a prefix was written to let people know it was a work of fiction; the place itself was not real.
  10. Brian Klein

    Andy Griffith Show

    This in my opinion is one of the old American favorites, a lot of people don't believe television plays a part in the growth of a person. Personally, I disagree, in fact, I believe that television and movies shape who we are in the world we live in; shows like Andy Griffith carried a certain appeal because they taught lessons unfound in todays society; To prove this; Simply look at todays society and the shows on television today verses the 60s when this show came out. I would recommend this show to anyone with children as this show had some morals; while it could be argued it was an all white cast, which could be the only argument in my opinion, this show's benefits out weigh the negatives by far. But to be honest, I care not for the color of an actor as long as the lesson is there to be learned. What do you guys think of this show? ---- Interesting fact about the show, while it was extremely popular; the show was caught up in an engineered attempt by the media to discredit the rural areas of America; this period of time in our history was called the 'Rural Purge' when the media took all the shows teaching lessons of old; to make room for the new generation of shows. (A sad time indeed).
  11. I find some of the hardest things about being depressed is insomnia. I have worked tirelessly on a Playlist to help people sleep well. I want to share it with you.
  12. Brian Klein

    Last Words

    Before I respond, and I will respond, can you do me a solid and respond that message https://community.humanastory.com/topic/678-changing-perceptions/ For me as well, I am trying to get my community started, its slow going and would really help me if some activity other than myself was there lol. Now... My response. I find this is my greatest struggle, it is so hard from time to time; I find relating to others rather difficult at times as well. Mainly because I just know that most people do not really understand my plight. You know reading this makes me see, why I take care of my mother, it reminds me that I am doing the right thing, I find all to often people are simply dumping the elderly off at nursing homes and washing their hands of their parents or relatives. I personally think that it is a sh*tty way to spend your last days. Your mother really meant what she said because you were there for her. Rare quality these days. Amen to that! It really does take going through a situation before one can truly apreciate the plight. I find 85% of the people on the planet don't even know what it feels like to live in hardship - All to often I see people on their 'moral high ground' not completely comprehending the situation they are trying to understand, that drives me batty. I don't think it ever gets any easier, I don't know what I would do in those situations, I got my wife and my mother, I don't really know anyone else. One thing that the years of being hospitalized did to me, was ruin my social skills in high school or school period. I wasn't able to develop as well as I would like as a result. I wish you were so much closer, @Maddox we would be sharing dinners and drinking tea together (I dont care how 'Gay' it sounds) I feel we'd have an awesome friendship. But much like true Brian Fashion, the friend I make is 15,000 miles away. Well, I am pleased with what I get, @Maddox you are an awesome gentleman, I'd love to hear your story on your mom and how you handled that at some point.
  13. I am no expert on depression, but I do have my down periods; I wanted to kick this off, by sharing some of mine. In hopes it will help someone see they are not alone.
  14. Brian Klein

    Something Learned.

    Yep, and that's 'What Brian Thinks' :)
  15. Brian Klein

    Something Learned.

    I must say, that is how I feel. I know I did my job, did what was required. I felt that way too. I deleted everyone from my list, I have 4 on mine currently (asking myself, why I even have cell to be honest.) Yes, tis how I feel completely. Now get out of my head, you! I couldn't agree more! @Maddox, I will say, I don't get depressed often even with what you saw there; I remind myself consistently 'Not one person is always busy, it all depends on how high you rank on their priority list' Yes, remind me I wanted to share something with you when I get a chance.
  16. Brian Klein

    Last Words

    I am reminded of how fragile life is.

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