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  1. I know this topic doesn't pertain to a medical issue, but our sister site Humanastory found an interesting article on the benefits of Yoga, that we wanted to share with you, and while it doesn't talk about loneliness per se, I can only imagine that the benefits of Yoga are far reaching to people who are lonely, we felt this could help improve the lives of people who are lonely in some way (just doing our part), we love Lonely People and Dave! Yoga Benefits - Physiological - HS Community COMMUNITY.HUMANASTORY.COM Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. Its been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It is a total mind-body...
  2. I've noticed quite a few new people popping in lately!
  3. In its most common form, we experience loneliness as a state that waxes and wanes. Perhaps we find ourselves in a new town after a job promotion, missing old friends. Perhaps we feel a brief pang when a moment reminds us of a loved one who is no longer with us. Yet, loneliness can also be a stable trait, as measured for instance in one study over a one-year period (Russell, 1996). Interventions aimed at reducing feelings of loneliness have been carried out for decades, and narrative reviews supported the view that several types of interventions have been successful, such as those aimed at improving social skills, changing social cognition, improving social support or increasing the opportunity for social contact (see Masi, Chen, Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2011). A meta-analysis confirmed that such interventions can be effective in reducing loneliness, particularly in studies based on single-group pre-post comparisons or on nonrandomized group comparisons (Masi et al., 2011). However, these designs are methodologically less rigorous than randomized group comparison studies, for which the effect was found to be statistically significant, yet too small to reduce loneliness to the level of healthy community-living adults. How loneliness can make you sick WWW.APA.ORG Loneliness can cause depression, has been shown to predict cognitive decline, and can lead to other other illnesses and disorders that are exacerbated in the presence of subjective social isolation.
  4. One of the biggest struggles in my life has always been ADHD, I could not begin to express how frustrating it is to have this issue; I hear from a lot of individuals that claim to have this issue; but you will be surprised how few actually do; If you or anyone you know might have ADHD or even it's cousin ADD; take a moment to understand them and how their mind works. Trust me, this issue isolates the person with ADHD more than you can imagine. Read the full article below: Loving a Person with A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. - Life Related Resources - HS Community COMMUNITY.HUMANASTORY.COM It’s a fact; a person with ADD is hard to love. You never know what to say. It’s like walking through a minefield. You tiptoe around...
  5. The Meaningful Life Center (MLC) is a spiritual health center that empowers you to find meaning in everything you do, and discover your personal mission in life. Through a wide variety of live and published programming, videos, webcasts, podcasts, articles and personally customized counseling and materials, the MLC offers you empowering and potent life skills that improve every aspect of your life. From love and relationships to work and finance, from fear and anxiety to joy and celebration, from birth to death all life cycles in between, you can look forward to an exhilarating journey, which will both stimulate and provoke you to actualize your enormous potential and reach unprecedented heights. The Meaningful Life Center is built on the belief that life is precious and that every individual has a unique and indispensable contribution to make. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them. The MLC is dedicated to assure that you find and sing your special song. We extend an invitation for learning and growing to everyone! Come, explore, and discover how to live a truly happy and amazing life… living up to your highest potential.
  6. Tis the job of the low official to give thanks and share in all that is joyous! --- I'd like to welcome you all who have come, new to the site! @Anton Deck, @Berries Lonely People welcomes you! Tell us a little about yourself and feel free to ask for any help as you peruse through the community in search of the lost Aztec gold and all the fame that goes with the fortune!
  7. Loneliness may play a key role in an individual’s social constraints following a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, which in turn, may worsen symptom burden, according to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. “Cancer patients have high rates of persistent and disabling symptoms. Evidence suggests that social constraints (e.g., avoidance and criticism) negatively impact symptoms, but pathways linking these variables have yet to be identified,” the researchers wrote. The researchers aimed to determine if cancer-related loneliness was a key link between social constraints and symptoms, such as pain interference, fatigue, sleep disturbances and cognitive complaints, by collecting surveys from 182 patients with cancer. Read the full article below: Loneliness, Social Constraints May Increase Cancer Symptom Burden WWW.CURETODAY.COM Loneliness may play a key role in an individual’s social constraints following a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, which in turn...
  8. Whenever I see these kind of articles, I cannot help but wonder, is that money actually going to help; with so much corruption these days I am reminded that they just take the money and run; take the 'Clinton Foundation' one of the biggest in the world; while we all know what it claims to do, here is a slice of reality.
  9. Humanastory was built out of the need for human companionship, a togetherness that only comes from people helping people. We wanted to be able to tell our stories and share our experiences with everyone who needed them. By us telling our stories we are able to share that moment that forever changed who we are. But the idea is to not just tell our story, but share the journey in how we overcame that moment in our lives, allowing others to read and see the story and connect to the one sharing it. Most people want to tell the horrid things, but fail to share the accomplishments. At Humanastory we are not those people; we are the strong, the winners, and the achievers. We believe that sharing our experience will help someone out there in the same situation, and allow them to connect with others that have already conquered their struggle. We give the resource within our stories to help those who otherwise would fall - the help to stand up and face what is in front of them without fear or doubt. We believe everyone has the ability to succeed in life. If you are alive on this little rock hurling through that endless void we call space, you are a Humanastorian! How much of one, is up to you.
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