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  1. Maddox

    Blackmore's Night

    Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night treat us to some amazing renaissance music on this their second album. If you want to listen to some good story telling in the lyrics and be taken back to a time of knights and dragons and mystical experiences, then you won't be disappointed.
  2. Firstly click on the Blogs menu link on the main menu. Next click on the orange button named Create Blog (shown below) On the next screen you will see this: Give your Blog a name Add a description to say what your Blog is about Click on the continue button You're almost there now ... Next click on Add Blog Entry (shown below) Or click on ... ... to submit your first Blog Entry. The rest is the same as if you were starting a new topic in a forum. Give your entry a name and then add your text, images, video and even a poll if you wish. Any questions or queries add them to the comments below.
  3. Maddox

    Blogs Overview

    The system has a Blog feature that enables every member to create their own blog. This can be used for anything you wish, but generally personal Blogs are about daily entries about a person's life; the usual ups and downs, mood changes, developments and interesting aspects of a person's life. Of course you can use the Blog for anything you wish - to promote a hobby or interest for example. Blogs can be a mixture of text, images and videos and each one is as individual as the member who starts a blog. The next part of this tutorial explains how to set up a Blog, so carry on reading ...
  4. Maddox

    Deep Purple

    One of the many forerunners in Rock Music is Deep Purple - this alongside Made In Japan - is one of the best rock albums to have emerged. Even today it is still fresh and raw and every listen digs deeper where you find something new to add to the colours of the amazing album.
  5. The descriptive prowers of Kate Wilhelm are unsurpassed - no matter what book she writes you are transported there with such detail that you actually believe you are there. Give her a try and be surprised.
  6. Maddox


    Possibly the best first movie in a franchise - whilst the effects may not be as super CGI charged as later versions, the atmosphere was definitely more charged than in the follow-ups.
  7. It couldn't be easier. Simply click on the Submit a link button to get started. Choose a category and click continue: Next complete all of the following: Enter the title of your link - keep it relevant to what the link is about Enter the URL (website address) of the site you want to link to - this needs to begin with http:// or https:// Describe what the site you are linking to is about If you know the location of the site's bricks and mortar address add it here (this is optional) a map will be generated for this When you're done just click: And that's all there is to it - very simple and straightforward. As usual and questions or issues add them in the comment box below.
  8. Maddox

    Support overview

    The purpose of the support feature is to add links to other websites that offer support, advice and suggestions on how to cope with and deal with loneliness. If you find a website that has helpful tips and ideas, or simply real support, for loneliness by all means add that site to the support category. There is another category and that is for affiliate sites, you can suggest a site that would like to be affiliate with Lonely People, but as with all submissions of this nature they will be moderated to ensure that submissions conform to our ideals and principles. If you submission is accepted it will appear in due course, if you submission is rejected a reason will be supplied. Remember that this is not a link directory for all and sundry, the links to other websites must add value to this site's principles and ideals, which is of course helping everyone cope with loneliness. The next part of this tutorial shows you how to submit a link for consideration.
  9. Enter into the articles via the main menu and click the orange button marked 'Add new article' (shown below) You will then be presented with the article editor which has a number of options available: Add your article title Add your article text and images Add an article cover image (optional but recommended) The small orange arrow points to where you can choose images to add to your article body The large orange arrow points to where you can choose an article cover image The red arrow points to where you can be notified of any replies you may receive to your article (member comments) The purple arrow points to where you can add media that you have already used elsewhere in the site Finally the arrow with the boxed end points to where you hit SAVE and your article will be flagged for review by a member of staff. If you article is approved then it will appear in the article list. A member of staff may promote or pin your article if it is deemed extremely useful. So now you know, go ahead and post some articles. Any questions or problems, as usual add them to the comments at the end of this tutorial.
  10. Maddox

    Articles overview

    The articles feature is designed to promote information that is useful in combating loneliness; this can be in the form of reports, research and personal discoveries. The idea is to create a collection of informative treatise and news that will benefit lonely people. ALL articles are moderated, that is they will not be visible to the public or members until a member of staff has viewed the submission; this is by design so that it can be noted whether the article has value and does not infringe copyrights. It's fine to quote an article and then provide a link to the originating source, or if the article is entirely your own work. If we can collectively compile a resource that others can benefit from then we all benefit in the long run. Please take all that has been stated and have patience whilst a member of staff checks your input.
  11. Your account settings is your own personal and private area in which you can control several functions and make changes to your account. You can change your email address - you will be required to reconfirm your new address You can change your password - existing password is required in order to do this Account Security - you will need your password to enter here; within you can activate Two-Factor authentication - we use Google authenticator on this site and you can download the app to your mobile device from the Play Store Recently used devices - shows what devices have been used to access your account Signature - add a signature to your posts; this can be an image or text Invitations - allows you to send an invitation to someone you know to join; add their name and email address to continue Sticky Notes - you can block members from sending you sticky notes; choose their member name and click SAVE Please take care when making changes to email addresses and passwords as mistakes can lock you out; likewise be sure to follow all instructions when adding two-factor authentication. There are more options on the left of the screen (shown below): Notification settings allows you to choose how you wish to receive your notifications (if any). The list is quite extensive allowing you to fine tune what you wish to be apprised of. And following this are numerous options which you can choose from or reject; a green tick means the option is active, greyed out X means inactive. You can choose between internal and email options (either, neither or both) - the choice is yours and the definitions are self explanatory. Edit profile takes to where you can edit your profile as explained in a previous step. Ignored Users allows you to add or remove users to and from your list. Any problems or questions leave a comment below.
  12. Your profile is your public facing page telling others who you are and showing what you have contributed. Many of the boxed sections on the left are self explanatory, but if you have a question about any of them add your comment in the box below. The red arrow points to an image, click this image to change your profile photo or avatar; an additional box with options will appear, choose which you prefer and when complete click SAVE: The first orange arrow points to your profile photo (in this instance it is a system generated avatar). The second indicates how many content items you have contributed to the site as a whole. The next two are self explanatory. On the right are some additional controls: Edit Profile will open up an additional box where you can add your birthday details, an 'About me' section and whether you want to enable or disable status updates (these are messages you and other members can leave on your profile). Cover Photo will allow you to adorn your profile header with a nice cover photo - you can change this as often as you wish. Photos must be on your device as this is an 'upload' only function. See my activity - does what it says, shows you a list of all your activity throughout the site (everything that is public, nothing that is personal).
  13. You access your account by clicking on your member name at the top of every page: Access your main profile page, this is what other members can see and determine who you are Sticky Notes - lets you see what sticky notes you have sent to other members and what they have sent to you My Attachments - everytime you attach an image to a post it will be stored here so they can be used again if you wish Manage Followed Content - as it says on the tin you can manage any content you have chosen to follow Account Settings - this is your private area where you decide what happens with your account Ignored Users - sometimes you may wish to ignore certain members for whatever reason, you can manage them here Sign Out - what it says on the tin, you sign out and revert to a visitor/guest status By clicking or tapping on each of the items will open a new page or set of options; these are discussed in the next steps.
  14. You account on Lonely People is the heartbeat of your membership. You can: Change settings Change preferences Change notifications Upload an Avatar Upload a cover photo See who views your profile Add a status update Reply to messages left by other members Add a signature Change security settings Change password and email address ... and so much more. We give you the tools and control to make your time here more enjoyable, more informative and more secure. Everything that you do in Lonely People is linked to your account giving you access to information you need about your time spent here. Follow the next steps to discover what you can do in your account.
  15. Maddox

    Using a Circle

    To enter a Circle click the name (as shown below) of the Circle and you're in: Once you're in you can see an overview of what the Circle is about and can use any of the features associated with that Circle (see image below) Activity - shows the recent activity that has taken place in the Circle Members - simply shows a list of the members of the Circle including the Circle leader Discussions - this is your personalised forum for discussions only in this Circle Questions & Answers - a special forum where you can ask questions and others can provide answers Events - this is the Circle's own personal Events calendar where you can post events happening near you letting others know and may attend Blog - again, this a personal Blog just for the Circle you are in, every member can post something in the Blog All of these features are explained in detail in their own tutorials and are relevant to all Circles, all forums (including the communal forums), blogs, calendar events, Q&A forums and so on. Check them out to see how each works. Any questions add them in the comments below.

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