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    Eye floaters are usually thought of as a nuisance rather than a chronic condition. But for some people, they can significantly affect the quality of life. So how do you learn to live with them - and what are the treatment options? Last summer, David, 24, was cycling through his hometown when what looked like a giant, magnified tapeworm appeared in his central vision, against...
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    Tis the job of the low official to give thanks and share in all that is joyous! --- I'd like to welcome you all who have come, new to the site! @Anton Deck, @Berries Lonely People welcomes you! Tell us a little about yourself and feel free to ask for any help as you peruse through the community in search of the lost Aztec gold...
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    This is an incredible story of selflessness, of one woman and a handful of volunteers who went above and beyond to give a little happiness to those who were on their own or homeless. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone shared the compassion and generosity of this lady and her helpers. "A selfless mum has put thousands of pounds of her own...
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    Mental illness support community which offers friendly, unbiased advice in a peer to peer environment.
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    Loneliness is a dangerous health issue, one that is widespread and often unseen by other people. It’s not a contagious disease that can be passed onto others, but others can be affected by seeing the effects of loneliness in others. It’s not restricted to any one group of people or age group, nor is it restricted to any country or region; it is universal in...
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    Why would you want to become a member? Firstly, you get access to all of the site features - some may be locked for members only. Secondly, unlike Social Media we don't harvest your data, we don't give it or sell it to anyone period. Your data is safe with us and your identity is completely anonymous unless you choose otherwise. It only takes a...
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