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    Your account settings

    Your account settings is your own personal and private area in which you can control several functions and make changes to your account.


    1. You can change your email address - you will be required to reconfirm your new address
    2. You can change your password - existing password is required in order to do this
    3. Account Security - you will need your password to enter here; within you can activate Two-Factor authentication - we use Google authenticator on this site and you can download the app to your mobile device from the Play Store
    4. Recently used devices - shows what devices have been used to access your account
    5. Signature - add a signature to your posts; this can be an image or text
    6. Invitations - allows you to send an invitation to someone you know to join; add their name and email address to continue
    7. Sticky Notes - you can block members from sending you sticky notes; choose their member name and click SAVE

    Please take care when making changes to email addresses and passwords as mistakes can lock you out; likewise be sure to follow all instructions when adding two-factor authentication.

    There are more options on the left of the screen (shown below):


    Notification settings allows you to choose how you wish to receive your notifications (if any).  The list is quite extensive allowing you to fine tune what you wish to be apprised of.


    And following this are numerous options which you can choose from or reject; a green tick means the option is active, greyed out X means inactive.  You can choose between internal and email options (either, neither or both) - the choice is yours and the definitions are self explanatory.

    Edit profile takes to where you can edit your profile as explained in a previous step.

    Ignored Users allows you to add or remove users to and from your list.

    Any problems or questions leave a comment below.

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