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    Using the editor

    The editor is what lies at the heart of almost everything you can do on this site.  Here we will discuss the various feature of the editor.  The main editor bar is divided in sections:

    • Font formatting
    • Applications
    • Lists formatting
    • Text formatting


    • B - Bold text
    • I - Italic text
    • U - Underline text
    • Chain - add a link to your text
    • Quotations - add a quote to your content
    • </> Add code
    • Smiling face - add an emoji
    • Lists unordered or numbered
    • Text formatting: justify, left align, center and right align
    • Paper - is your preview button to preview your post

    If you want to add a link to some text simply highlight the text and then click the chain icon - this will appear:


    I highlighted the word 'highlight' and as you can see it appears in the Link text box - in the URL box you would insert the html link to where you want it to point to when someone clicks the text (this will appear underlined to indicate it is a link)

    If you wish to quote some text from another post, highlight the text you want to quote and a small button appears below the highlighted text:


    Click the 'Quote selection button' and the highlighted text will be automatically added to the editor as a quote.

    If you wish to add an external quote click the Quotation marks in the editor and fill in the box that appears with the text you want to quote.

    If you want to add an emoji click the smiling face and all available emojis will be shown, simply click the one you want to use and it will appear at the insertion point you choose by clicking inside the editor.


    All the other buttons speak for themselves, so go and have a play to see what you can do.

    Any questions ask in the comments tab below.


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