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    How to start a topic

    To start a topic (discussion) you must first decide which forum your topic is best place within.  Using the titles of the forums will help you come to the right decision on where to start your topic.  The orange arrows below point to the forum categories.  Click on one of these titles to open up the forum.


    Once you have opened a forum, if there are any existing topics they will be listed - clicking on one of these topics will open up the discussion so you can read what it's about and any replies that have been posted.  But we want to start a new topic.  In an opened forum click on the button you will see marked 'Start New Topic' (as shown below):


    Once you click on this button the editor will appear in which you can enter your text and images, etc.


    Enter your discussion title (1) this is a requirement. Then enter your text (2) about what your discussion is focussed upon. You can use the formatting tools on the editor toolbar for bold, italic, etc - we will go into these in more depth later on.

    Once you have added your title and text, etc click on the 'Submit Topic' button at the base under the editor box:


    And you're done - you have created a new topic; now you have to wait and see if anyone replies.

    Any questions ask in the comments tab below.



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