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    Forums Overview

    If you are familiar with using forums then you may wish to skip several steps in this tutorial.  If, however, you have never used forums before and are coming from a Social Media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, then you may find these tutorials interesting and useful.

    Imagine if you walked into your local supermarket and all the products were mixed up; beans with cereals, tea with paper towels and so on; this would be so confusing and it would take you an almost eternity to do your weekly shop. This would be your ideal Social Media supermarket where everything appears in the same place on one long list of posts.

    Thankfully, supermarkets categorise their products so you can shop more easily; this is how forums function.  Each forum is a category dealing with a specific range of discussions based on the same subject area.

    To familiarise you with forum lingo; forums are the categories, topics are the discussions and posts are replies that you make to discussions.  It can look daunting when you first see all these categories, but it’s really very easy to use and you will find that discussions will be more comprehensible and much more fun to start and take part in than it ever could be on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Each forum is given a name and a description, it’s from these that you understand what types of discussions are taking place in that forum.  For example, you would not talk about books in a music forum and vice-versa.  There can be hundreds (thousands even) of discussions taking place in one forum, these can also be searched and filtered so you can get to what interests you quickly.

    As you go through these tutorials you will discover you can do so much more in the forums, such as posting images and videos, starting polls, asking questions, using reactions and the special features that are available in certain forums that further enhance the fun levels, all kept in context within the meaning behind the discussions.

    Once you get the hang of starting and replying to discussions and the structure of forums you may be delighted at the level of interaction that can take place without a minutia of other distractions.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments tab below.



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