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    Creating a poll

    Polls are useful ways to gather information without have to trawl through many replies to gather a consensus of opinions.

    To start a poll choose your forum and then start a new topic.  As usual give the topic a title and then click on the Poll tab


    There are a number of options open to you.

    Make voters name public? This will show who voted in the poll by username.

    Automatically close poll on a specific date? This allows you to choose a cut off date when the poll will close.

    Both of the above are options that you do not need to take if you do not wish to.

    So, to make you poll give it a title - such as 'Netflix'

    You then add a question and give your question a title such as - 'How often do you use Netflix?'


    You also have the option of adding another question to the poll with different answers.  The choice is yours and the options are many.

    Don't forget to go back to the 'Content' tab and add your topic title and add your content below; describe what your poll is about in there. Once you have created your Poll and topic you can click the 'Submit Topic' button.

    Add your response options (minimum is 2) and add more options if required.  If you want to allow uses to choose more than one option given then check the 'Multiple Choice' box.

    Any problems or questions please ask them in the comments tab below.


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