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    Adding an image or video

    If you want to add an image to your post there are a number of different ways to do so:

    • You can drag an image into the editor from your computer
    • You can click choose files which will open a file box so you can select an image from your computer from a location
    • You can copy and paste an image from another site (not from your computer)
    • You can use the Insert other media button which will allow you to select from any previous images you have used

    If you choose to upload from your computer the images will appear below the editor main text area:


    To add your image click the plus sign (as shown by the green arrow) when you do the image will appear at the insertion point of your cursor, so be careful when adding that your cursor point is where you expect it to be.  As you can see the image has been added below.


    Double clicking an image allows you to resize an image, align it, add a link or a title to the image.

    Adding a video can only be done from media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo (others may be used).  What you need to do is copy the link of the video from your address bar when viewing the video on the site that it appears on.  The example below is from YouTube:


    This is what a link looks like in your browser address bar (above) - you need to copy it in its entirety and then paste it into the editor text box at your cursor insertion point - as with images be careful to note where your cursor is before pasting.  When you post the link it will immediately show the video for you, so there are no complicated instructions to follow.

    If you have any questions or are not sure about anything ask in the the comments tab below.



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