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  • Circles and how to use

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      Circles overview

      Circles are like micro-sites within the main site.  Each Circle has its own features, such as a forum, question and answer section, blog, events, etc. The purpose of the Circles is to define a specific area that is the cause of your loneliness; by interacting with others going through the same issues you will be able to relate to each, empathise and understand the issues at hand. You can join as few or as many Circles as you wish, or you can simply take advantage of the general forums for discussions on various topics.  The choice is yours to make and the site is open to all and once registered you will be able to participate as much or as little as you wish. By Joining a Circle you can open up dialogues that may lead to new friendships being formed and this is the first step to alleviating your loneliness and the purpose of this site's existence. If you have any questions on the Circles please respond by using the comments section below (note: you need to be registered to comment). Enjoy ...  
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      Joining a Circle

      This is the real easy part if you haven't already figured it out for yourself. At the base of each Circle you will see a button (shown below) that simply states 'Join' Just click the button to join and you're in - it's that easy (of course you need to register in order to join a Circle) Don't hesitate, register now and click those 'Join' buttons and start interacting.  
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      Using a Circle

      To enter a Circle click the name (as shown below) of the Circle and you're in: Once you're in you can see an overview of what the Circle is about and can use any of the features associated with that Circle (see image below) Activity - shows the recent activity that has taken place in the Circle Members - simply shows a list of the members of the Circle including the Circle leader Discussions - this is your personalised forum for discussions only in this Circle Questions & Answers - a special forum where you can ask questions and others can provide answers Events - this is the Circle's own personal Events calendar where you can post events happening near you letting others know and may attend Blog - again, this a personal Blog just for the Circle you are in, every member can post something in the Blog All of these features are explained in detail in their own tutorials and are relevant to all Circles, all forums (including the communal forums), blogs, calendar events, Q&A forums and so on.  Check them out to see how each works. Any questions add them in the comments below.
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