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  • Articles and how to submit

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      Articles overview

      The articles feature is designed to promote information that is useful in combating loneliness; this can be in the form of reports, research and personal discoveries.  The idea is to create a collection of informative treatise and news that will benefit lonely people. ALL articles are moderated, that is they will not be visible to the public or members until a member of staff has viewed the submission; this is by design so that it can be noted whether the article has value and does not infringe copyrights. It's fine to quote an article and then provide a link to the originating source, or if the article is entirely your own work. If we can collectively compile a resource that others can benefit from then we all benefit in the long run. Please take all that has been stated and have patience whilst a member of staff checks your input.
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      How to submit an article

      Enter into the articles via the main menu and click the orange button marked 'Add new article' (shown below) You will then be presented with the article editor which has a number of options available: Add your article title Add your article text and images Add an article cover image (optional but recommended) The small orange arrow points to where you can choose images to add to your article body The large orange arrow points to where you can choose an article cover image The red arrow points to where you can be notified of any replies you may receive to your article (member comments) The purple arrow points to where you can add media that you have already used elsewhere in the site Finally the arrow with the boxed end points to where you hit SAVE and your article will be flagged for review by a member of staff.  If you article is approved then it will appear in the article list.  A member of staff may promote or pin your article if it is deemed extremely useful. So now you know, go ahead and post some articles. Any questions or problems, as usual add them to the comments at the end of this tutorial.    
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