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Always Connected, Yet Feeling Lonely

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Our obsession with staying connected is creating social loneliness

Last week I was on a flight back to Colorado when the flight attendant announced, “I’m sorry folks, but this flight is not equipped with WiFi.”  The groans, the cries of “are you serious?!” and the audible agony from many of my fellow passengers could be heard throughout the cabin.

Apparently going a little more than two hours without access to the internet is something that not many on my flight were wanting to cope with and the fact that they had to, made some downright irritated.  As we touched down, virtually the entire plane whipped out their devices to see what was missed during the flight. To the best of my knowledge and based on what I was able to hear, the world still went on during the time we were forced off-line.

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Our obsession with staying connected is creating social loneliness


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