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Loneliness From Being Bullied

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Bullying is discrimination, yet bullying does not discriminate.  Anyone can be affected by bullies; this can be at school, in the workplace or even with neighbours. It can be an intense experience that makes you feel like an outsider, or that you are not normal in some way.  It is invasive, unpleasant, demoralising and can leave you feeling isolated; but you do not have to tolerate or put up with it.  Never feel that you must cope with this alone.  Help is always at hand and one of the first places you can look to by yourself, with no other outside involvement or influence is here at: 


Bullying - Bullying in schools, Bullying at work, Harassment and Cyberbullying advice with practical solutions to stop bullying

Bullying help and advice related to bullying at school and bullying at work. If you are struggling with bullying, harassment or cyberbullying, we can help.

These are some of the guides and advice provided by this amazing organisation:

On Adult bullying:

If you believe you are being bullied in the community, by a neighbour or by someone you know, we may be able to help.  Do you believe your life is at risk?  Are you being threatened, harassed or stalked?  You will find resources and sources of material here. Do not confront the perpetrators but seek advice or go to our section containing Guides.

On Cyber Bullying, something that is rife online:

If you believe you are a victim of Cyberbullying, we have a dedicated website called eCRIME. The eCRIME website contains useful, common-sense approaches, advice and practical information on most Cyberbullying issues.  The site is an arm of The National Bullying Helpline and has been endorsed by the Police.

Link to this section is below:


Cyber Bullying | Cyberbullying advice related to ecrime, on-line abuse and bullying using technology

Bullying at Work:

If you believe you are being bullied or harassed at work by a colleague or management, we can help.  You may have been Suspended, Dismissed or Disciplined or left feeling you have been treated unfairly.  Click here to find ideas, solutions and strategies to ease your work-related stress and help you through the situation.  Hopefully, this will lead to a solution to your problem.

Link to this section: 


Bullying at work and harassment advice for employees with practical help and support for all staff dealing with bullying
Bullying at work and harassment advice for employees with practical help and support for all staff dealing with bullying

Information for Parents:

Are you dealing with bullying in or outside the school, at a social club or in the community? Are you a parent dealing with a distressed child who is being bullied right now?  Here you will find help and ideas so that you can stop the bullying or at least know what to do to get immediate help and support.

Link to this section is below:


Bullying at school - Bullying advice and practical solutions for parents and children to help stop bullying in schools

At Lonely People we are 100% behind those who feel that they are being bullied.  It’s one of the most insidious causes of loneliness that affects millions of people daily.  It is unnecessary, unwarranted and undesirable in any society.  Bullies are essentially cowards at heart and bullying in any form is totally unacceptable and needs to be stamped out.

As ever, never feel that you must cope with this situation alone.  There are always people and organisations available to help. The following website gives a great breakdown of myths and facts about bullying:

There are many myths surrounding bullying issues and some of these myths can often trivialise bullying and suggest the bullied individual is making a big deal out of nothing when that is not the case. This can undermine how a person feels if they are being bullied. Bullying should not be tolerated in any form. We believe it is important to address bullying whether it is in a workplace, school or in a neighbourhood so that the message is clear that bullying is unacceptable.

Follow the link below:


Read our Bullying UK Myths and Facts on bullying for advice and support.

Help for parents who believe their children are being bullied can be obtained through the following links (snippets have been provided so you will know what to expect and understand the content is for guidance:
Getting teenagers to talk openly about what's bothering them can be hard. Follow these tips to help get them talking to you about their worries.

Ask, don't judge
Start by assuming they have a good reason for doing what they do. Show them you respect their intelligence and are curious about the choices they've made.
If you don't pre-judge their behaviour as "stupid" or "wrong", they're more likely to open up and explain why their actions made sense to them.  

Ask, don't assume or accuse
Don't assume that you know what's wrong. Rather than asking "Are you being bullied?", try saying "I've been worried about you. You don't seem your usual self, and I wondered what's going on with you at the moment? Is there anything I can help with?".

To read more follow the link below:


Advice and tips for parents on talking to teenagers and getting them to open up about what's bothering them.
How to identify if you're being bullied at work, how to stop it, and advice on getting support.

What is workplace bullying?
Bullying can involve arguments and rudeness, but it can also be more subtle. Excluding and ignoring people and their contribution, unacceptable criticisms and overloading people with work are other forms of bullying.

What effect does it have?
Bullying can make working life miserable. You lose all faith in yourself, you can feel ill and depressed, and find it hard to motivate yourself to work.

Bullying isn't always a case of someone picking on the weak. Sometimes a person's strengths in the workplace can make the bully feel threatened, and that triggers their behaviour.

To read more follow the link below:


Advice and tips for parents on talking to teenagers and getting them to open up about what's bothering them.

Bullying can come about for many reasons; racial, religious beliefs, skin colour, ethnic origins, sexuality and more.  It is an extremely broad subject in many contexts.  However, it is totally unacceptable in any society and needs to be stamped out.  Remember, as always, you are never alone.  Open up and talk to people about your situation, that is the first step to getting help and ending your suffering and loneliness.


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