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What's on offer?

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What are we offering you?  This site has many features that are geared to helping you to combat your loneliness.


These are dedicated areas that allow you to connect with people facing the same or similar issues as yourself.  You will have your own discussion platform, your own blog, your own events calendar and a unique questions and answers category.  All of these allow you to express your feelings, issues and hopefully give you an outlet to express yourself as an individual.


This offers you a selection of forums in which you can have some fun, debate worldly issues that are important to and to find out more about this site and what it offers and, more importantly, how to use and get the best from all of the features listed here.


A different area that allows you to review a multitude of different services and commodities to impress on others what offers good value and what to avoid.


Articles that offer some insight into loneliness and its effects on people, there are also help guide articles to alert you to different ways to combat loneliness

Help & Links Directory:

If you need urgent help or general advice on how to deal with loneliness you will find telephone numbers, websites and organisations that can offer you assistance. There is also a selection of sites that we recommend that can also help you combat loneliness.


Start your own Blog and give everyone the opportunity to share your insights and daily issues.  Tell stories of your life that others may find interesting and possibly show them ways to deal with their daily issues.


This shows you all the activity on the site - you can tailor this to meet your own needs and filter out anything that does not interest you and filter in those things that do interest you; it's your site your way.


Add events to the calendar and if anyone is in your locale, they may be interested in attending too.  A great way to strike up new potential real world friendships.

These are literally the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more on offer and you can read about other features that have been added for your enjoyment in other guides in this section.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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