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Why would you want to register at a site you have never heard of until today?

With social media, it only takes a few clicks to discover more. It's easy to look at your political leanings, which area you live in, what your favourite films are and so on. All that information comes with you when you join a community on Social Media sites like Facebook, whether you like it or not.

Within this site, you can create your own personality unique to you. You don't need to reveal your real name, or photo or any other private data to anyone; your identity on here is completely anonymous unless you choose otherwise. We put privacy back in the hands of our members.

That is probably one of the most significant reasons for registering along with the fact that you can take the first steps to ending your loneliness - this is the purpose of this site and the reason for its existence.  Registering only takes a few moments and once registered you can take advantage of all the amazing features of the site.

You can complete as much or as little of your own personal profile and control whatever you want from your personal account.  The Articles, Circles and Help Directory all add value to your membership allowing you to express your feelings and connect with others who are experiencing the same issues as yourself.

By working together and creating a unique online community we can combat the effects of loneliness in a way that has previously not been possible.

Register now and take that first step.



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