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Low Self Esteem

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When you have issues with low self-esteem there is nothing worse than someone telling you to 'pull yourself together' or 'buck up'.  It's not always as easy to do as it is to say.  Unless you have suffered a bout of low self-esteem then no one can truly say they know what you are going through.  This can lead to terrible bouts of loneliness that can only deepen and enforce a feeling of low self-esteem.

Everyone has something to offer to society, everyone has different experiences and knowledge to pass on - no one is worthless. Within this circle you can explore what others who are suffering low-esteem do to alleviate this terrible burden that you have been lumbered with.

Opening up to others is the first step in realising your own worth, you do have something to offer but you may not have found it within yourself.  You owe it to yourself to explore your issues with others, both you and they can only benefit from this exploration.

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