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  1. Loneliness News Desk

    News Channel

    131 posts

    Check out the latest news on Loneliness from around the world - many different articles on issues, solutions and help worldwide.

    Notice board

    7 posts

    Anything new that happens or new features that are added with be posted in this section.  Check it out when new posts are added to see the latest news on updates and additions.

    If you need help with anything ask in this section.  You will also find guidelines and other useful topics of information relating to this site.

  2. General Discussions

    General Topics

    32 posts

    Discuss whatever you wish in this section.  Nothing is discouraged as long as discussions are clean, non-confrontational and interesting.  The floor is yours!

    Medical Topics

    22 posts

    Various topics on medical articles and reviews that may prove interesting and useful for members and visitors who are unaware of medical conditions and treatments that may be useful to them.

    Question Time

    1 post

    We all have questions to ask, sometimes the answer eludes us, so this special section is designed for Questions and for others to provide answers.  Vote on the best answers.

  3. Life's Stumbling Blocks

    Medical Issues

    5 posts

    Disabilities and ailments all bring a lot of baggage with them, including feelings of loneliness.  Share your experiences with others with the aim to hopefully striking up new friendships and to discover ways of coping with your issues. 

    It's the time of life when you are supposed to relax and enjoy the fruits of decades of labour.  But getting older brings with it issues, many of which can lead to loneliness.  Share your knowledge and experiences with others. 

    Mental Health

    6 posts

    This a special section for you to discuss any mental health issues you may be facing. No matter how small or severe you are welcome to discuss your concerns and hopefully find solutions that will help you.

    Being a single parent can be both rewarding and often frustrating.  Being a single parent can also be lonely, so this section is dedicated to you to air your issues and discuss them with other single parents.  This is a member only section.

    If you are experiencing issues with alcohol, drugs, gambling or other types of addictions, use this section to discuss what worries you need to address and get your life back on track. This is a member only section.

    LGBT Factors

    2 posts

    Voice your experiences of dealing with and facing issues you have encountered and have either sought or received advice and help on. Telling your story may help others facing similar issues. This is a member only section.

  4. Entertainment


    0 posts

    Add your favourite movies with just a few clicks and share your interests with others.  A great way to fill those empty slices of loneliness when nothing else is available.

    No posts here yet

    TV Series

    0 posts

    We all love a bit of TV so in here you can share and discuss all your favourite TV Series.  TV is a boon to the lonely, so share your passions with others.

    No posts here yet


    0 posts

    Everyone loves music and music helps to relieve the bareness and monotony of silence.  Music touches our emotions in ways other forms cannot reach. Share your interests with others.

    No posts here yet

  5. Archived News

    Archived News

    512 posts

    These are news articles that may still be viewed at their source, but are no longer 'new news'.  Please report any broken links so that the topics can be removed.

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