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  1. General Discussions

    1. Communal Lounge

      This is a place where everyone can come together and discuss anything and everything, from what's in the news to what's on your mind. Share your views and opinions on a whole range of topics.

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    2. A Trip Down Memory Lane

      Discuss your memories of years gone by.  Your favourite times, places, people, foods - anything that resurfaces fond memories that make you smile.

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    3. Questions and Answers

      We have questions on our minds from how the universe was born to how to tie a shoe lace. Whatever questions remain unanswered ask them in this special forum and you may receive the answers you seek - no promises though.

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  2. Fun Zone

    1. Book Library

      This is a unique section that makes it easy for you to add your favourite authors' books and share with your fellow members to read and discuss.  Read the first sticky post on how to get the best from this section.

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    2. The Music Mix

      Share your favourite artists and bands on your journey's through vinyl, tapes, CDs and streaming. What tickles your ears may tickle others. You can post official videos from YouTube and other streaming services.

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    3. Hobbies and Pastimes

      From needlework, knitting, gardening or shooting up the bad guys in a video game.  We all have hobbies and pastimes and it's great to share them with others who share your passions; now's your chance to show off what you enjoy doing best.

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  3. Information

    1. News Desk and Suggestions

      Anything concerning this site as a whole in regards to information you need to know about updates and new features as well as general news that you may find interesting and useful, all will be revealed in this forum.

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    2. Help and General Guidelines

      The place where we will keep you up-to-date on all the things you need to know, from forum etiquette to how to use all of the features at your disposal in order to make your stay more enjoyable and interesting.

    3. Site features Questions and Answers

      If you are having problems using the site and do not understand what some (or all) features can do, or how to use them, please ask your questions in this forum only.

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