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Feelings of isolation in the LGBT community have existed arguably as long as heteronormative society. And though not all individuals in the community feel isolated or alone at this moment or every given moment, feeling lonely or like an outsider in society-at-large based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity is likely. The question of loneliness and isolation has become an increasingly present one in the LGBT community, as statistics increasingly bring light to effects of loneliness on mental and physical health.

The rapid legislative and social changes in the Gay Rights Movement have helped to alter perspectives and move the community away from isolation, but not so quickly and smoothly that problems do not exist. Senior LGBT individuals in our community disproportionately face social isolation and are often left in a situation with limited access to health care, social networks and programs. Joining this Circle will allow you to express your views and seek out solutions to end loneliness and isolation caused through no fault of your own.


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