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Being disabled doesn't mean you are useless and have no future in society.  It can be quite daunting to find yourself in a situation that has either been with you all of your life, or is new to you either because of illness, injury or simply growing old.

This circle is for you, to talk and discuss with others who are in the same situation as yourself.  Talking does help, even if it's just to get things off your chest and have someone actually listen to what you are saying and can empathise with your situation, either because they are helping someone they know get through life or because they are suffering the same as you.  Only someone going through the same process can fully understand and appreciate what you are going through, rather than cooing sympathetic gestures.

Join this circle either to get help or to give help to others who are disabled and need someone to help them overcome the loneliness that some disabilities can bring.



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