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Just because you are retired and over 60, doesn't mean that life should stop.  Having lived life you have a wealth of experiences behind you; lessons learned and experience gained that you can pass on and share with others who have yet to really live.

Being left on your own, perhaps the last in the line of your family, is degrading and unnecessary in this so-called modern world.  It's a heinous situation that should never be allowed to happen, yet older people are the ones who suffer loneliness the most.

In this circle you can link up with others in your age group, share memories and past events and what life has dished up for you.  Perhaps some of today's younger generation will pop in and see what amazing lives you have lead, doing all of the things that they have yet to do and experience.  You can also start up new friendships and share in the camaraderie that you once experienced along life's incredible journey. 

Hopefully, this platform and circle will help you unite with others who can appreciate and understand what you have gone through.  Perhaps some wonderful new friendships will be made and this site and circle will have been of assistance.



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