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    Mission Aims and Goals

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    Lonely People, what we are about?

    Loneliness is a rampant disease, it favours no one and it leaves no one out of its grasp.  If you have never heard this before then you must be living in some remote area on our planet.  Loneliness has become recognised as the most serious issue facing mankind since the bubonic plague.  There are no vaccines for Loneliness and there is no immediate cure; it is worldwide and if affects everyone regardless of race, religion, beliefs, way of life, culture, age or sexual orientation; every single human being on this planet can feel the effects of this heinous issue and all that it can bring to bear.

    At Lonely People our mission aims and goals are to try and neutralise the impact this disease has on people and to, hopefully, bring about some new friendships that people can enjoy with the aim of minimising, or even eradicating, the loneliness that many have to bear on a daily basis.

    It’s no small task, but if we can bring about an end to even one person’s loneliness then we have achieved something.  Of course, our aim is to bring an end to many people’s loneliness and to attempt to rid mankind of this insidious and invasive disease that is affecting millions of people.

    We can’t do this alone and we can’t promise anyone that we can rid them of their loneliness.  What we can do is provide a platform to help them connect with others and to give them a voice to discuss their issues and what they would like to see come about to end their loneliness.

    This is how Lonely People came into being.  It is entirely funded and provided by one person who has endured the effects of loneliness, but one person alone cannot combat this terrible disease.  You can all help by becoming members of this site and connect with others – we can only provide the means and the resources to help you to help yourselves.  We will, of course, be on hand to help and provide you with whatever tools you require, but it is you, the people, humankind, who can work together and conquer this disease and rid the world of it once and for all.

    What we promise is that:

    • We will never charge for the services we provide
    • We will never bombard you with advertising
    • We will never sell or give your data to anyone (unless required to do so by law)
    • We will protect your privacy and give you the tools to do so (two-factor authentication to protect your account)
    • We will provide you with the means and the resources that you need
    • We will help wherever we can
    • We will answer your questions or pass you over to someone who can if we can’t
    • We will keep you up-to-date with news on loneliness

    What we ask in return is that you support us by registering and becoming a member and use the resources we provide so you can begin to end the loneliness that has invaded your life.

    If you need to contact us you can at any time (please remember that we are based in the UK and time differences may mean some delay in answering you) by using the site contact form; you can find the link for this at the bottom of every page.

    We will be providing you with more features over time as and when they become available and we will be adding help guides for you so that you can understand how everything works on this site.  It may be new to you, different from your usual Social Media sites, but if you take the time to learn how everything works you will find it useful and fun to use.

    Speaking of fun, we believe that whilst loneliness is a serious issue people also need to have the ability to have some fun.  With this in mind, we have provided the means to express your fun side in our fun section where you can share your likes and dislikes on movies, TV shows, music and books.  By adding content to these sections you can introduce items that others may never have heard of and begin to enjoy them (or avoid them) as you do.  So have some fun whilst you are here.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and for taking the time to read this.  We hope to welcome you to our family soon – that’s what this site is about, the bonds of family that reach out to take the hand of a stranger and make them welcome.



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